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Friday Feature 1.9.15 – Who’s Raising Kids Who Can’t Think?

Kids who can’t think. It’s a concern of atheists that children of those who believe in Creation will lack thinking skills. Is that true?

This week’s feature article from Ken Ham asks a question which should challenge your thinking:

Who’s raising kids who can’t think?

After you’ve read the article, chew on these thoughts:

1. Define critical thinking.

I want my kids to to be able to think critically. I am not going to shield them from other people and world views. I am going to do my best to help them see why a Judeo-Christian proves true. Some evolutionists believe you should ONLY listen to their viewpoint. The response: is that really critical thinking?

2. You can challenge anything intellectually.

Good! The challenge is to use your mind to figure out why you believe what you believe. Creation, Jesus, the Bible – all can be challenged intellectually. These challenges only present opportunities for learning and critical thinking.

If God’s Word is true, challenges can be answered. Which leads us to the final and most important element.

3. You can’t merely THINK your way to God.

You must change your thinking. That’s called repentance — when we turn away from our own beliefs and submit to God’s. But we must have faith.

And the truth is, everyone has faith in something. People believe science, they trust their own minds, the believe in nothing. Each of those has options has an underpinning of faith.

Those responding to Christ haven’t lost their will or their mind. Those who believe in creation aren’t failing their children.

Hopefully, children get the opportunity to see why the Bible can be trusted.

Think. Can you trust the Bible at its word? Are you able to think critically about the way other people view life and origins?

Act. Use the AIG site, other sites, or appropriate books to give yourself and/or your kids a firm foundation that trusting in God’s Word is rational!

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