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Friday Feature 1.8.15 – Tamir Rice and the Fears of Black Fathers for Their Sons


It’s the first Friday Feature of 2016. And, the topic is heavy. The most clicked article from Monday’s post focuses on the fears of black fathers in the wake of the Tamir Rice non-indictment. See the article here:

Tamir Rice and the Fears of Black Fathers for Their Sons by Jemar Tisby.

I usually add a couple thoughts of my own to a Friday Feature article. Today is no different:

1. Seek understanding.

I have followed the RAAN site for at least a year now, and have enjoyed their perspective even if I don’t fully understand it. They do a great job at helping me understand things I can’t. Let me encourage you to seek understanding from believers who have different perspectives on things than you do.

2. A stark reality.

I cannot escape the reality that my son has a far less chance to find himself trouble with the law than some of his African American friends and basketball teammates. I have to wrestle with this reality and realize I feel powerless to overcome its consequences.

Think. Do you intentionally confront yourself with information you cannot relate to or do not understand?

Act. I really believe the only way forward for our communities lies in relationships. What “action steps” would you add?

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