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Friday Feature 1.24.14 – Interacting With Special Needs Children

This week’s feature article (most clicked from Monday’s post) tackles a sensitive topic in an awesome way. It really is worth the read:

Dear Daddy in Seat 16C

Here are just a couple thoughts:

1. Do your best to imagine being this mom.

Parents of special needs kids really have difficulties that are tough to imagine. I think this lady speaks well to the fears of embarrassment or disruption that her child could cause. Many parents of special needs parents will at least feel this, but may not give it a voice like this.

2. How would you react?

Yes, it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge for me to read this. I hope you’re challenged too. It would have taken a lot of focus for me to be willing to engage the entire time.

3. Do “special needs” individuals challenge you?

If so, please get to know one. Better yet, get to know and encourage their families. The more we welcome on a regular basis like this man did on a very temporary basis, the more some of these walls will come down!

Think. How would your reaction have communicated to this woman?

Act. Follow the advice in #3!!

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