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Friday Feature 1.16.15 – A Teenager’s View on Social Media


How do teens view social media? Differently than I do! And maybe you too if you’re a bit older. This is worth your time. After all, it WAS this week’s highest clicked link.

Read the article here: A Teenager’s View on Social Media

After you’ve read it, see a few of my own comments below:

1. Teens and Facebook 

I keep hearing Facebook is dead to teens. I volunteer an average of once a week at a local youth center where teens and young adults gather.

I would estimate that 90% of the computer usage I observe is Facebook.

I understand why teens don’t use it. I’m just not sure it’s “dead”. This thought certainly provokes my thinking.

2. You get the picture.

I’m unable to say Instagram is familiar to me. So the author’s thoughts about the app provide help. Pictures dominate interest in social media, I think especially the younger the age. Instagram has the market in terms of efficiency, app capability, and privacy (great point about all of your “likes” showing up on Facebook).

3. What about information?

I wonder if teens use social media at all to gather information. I doubt too many teens read my blog, so I don’t expect tons of interaction on this. But if you have a comment to provide some insight, I’d love to hear it.

I would say the predominant (75%) usage I have for social media is gathering or sharing information and thoughts. Makes me wonder how younger people do that – or if in general they have interest at all.

Think. What do you know about people younger than you?

Act. Does knowing a bit about or lightly using social media give you a chance to relate to younger people? If so, give it a shot!

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