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Five Reasons Project Shine Was Amazing

Five reasons this year’s Project Shine was outstanding:

1.  Jesus.

Yeah, there’s the Sunday School answer.  In all seriousness, it is so much fun to see Jesus alive and at work in the lives of the servants during the week of Project Shine.  To sit and dwell on the truth that we are dead in sin without the power of Jesus Christ and to see that truth bear fruit in the lives of people was truly something special.

2. Mission

Project Shine’s mission was totally fulfilled.  From seeing residents hear the Gospel to doing great work in our community to seeing our participants challenged, every angle of what we seek to accomplish was fulfilled.  Seeing residents in our evening services, talking with believers about how they’re challenged by the sermons each night, worshiping with energy in unison with other believers — all great parts of seeing our mission fulfilled.  Sure we painted a few houses (even sided one!) and did some great clean up work, but knowing the spiritual elements of our missions were fulfilled is truly a great feeling.

3. Supernatural Strength

It was a long, hot week.  I felt like I worked a lot, then kept going each evening.  I know others felt the same.  It’s so much fun to know that God is fueling you with strength you would never have on your own.  Even to know that God allowed me to carry through Sunday following such a long week brings about some great thankfulness.

4. Children

Even though students must have completed sixth grade to participate on a work crew, we ran a day camp this year and provided babysitting for workers.  Having around thirty children on hand for our work days was definitely encouraging – what a great chance to expose the children to service and learning.

5.  The Body of Christ

It was great to partner with several different churches from around the area.  It gives us a picture that Jesus is way bigger than our community, way bigger than our church, and way bigger than our egos.  Having to work through a few problems along the way and coming together to serve the Lord is a phenomenal thing.  I generally thrive in an atmosphere where many Christians come together for a common cause.  Shine is no different for me.

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