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Contest Rules, Instructions, and Quiz

This week marks the two year anniversary of writing Monday links and bullets.  I have a lot of fun writing my blog.  So I’m celebrating that God has helped me keep this commitment.  Some lucky winner is going to win an iPad 2 or equivalent help with a bill that needs paid.  Here is what you do:

Answer the 20 questions below.  If you get 15 correct, you will be entered in the drawing to take place next Monday, November 7. Entries must be e-mailed to: or sent to my inbox on Facebook.  I will reply to let you know if your entry qualifies.  If it doesn’t, you may correct the appropriate questions and re-submit.  Entries will be not be accepted past 11:59 p.m. of Sunday, November 6.  Entries submitted next Sunday will NOT be guaranteed to be reviewed or confirmed, so take your chances by waiting.

Husbands and wives may enter separately, ONLY if they are willing to verify they did their own work.  No cheating!


All answers can be found by going through the past year’s entries.  This quiz should take an hour or less.

1.  In a March Monday post, I shared an article asking whether God mandated genocide in the Old Testament.  Who wrote that article?

2. Give the date of a Friday post comparing casual sex to the ancient practice of concubines.

3. Who did I tell Lexi was playing in the New Year’s Eve football game she was asking about?

4. A July Friday post talked about parenthood.  What was my 2nd point in the thoughts I offered that day?

5. On what Monday this spring did I share that a couple from our church was landing with three kids they’d adopted from Laos?

6. I linked to an article in August with a link titled “the biblical servant pastor”.  When you click on the link, what’s the title of the website you’re taken to?

7. What Monday did I link to a one minute clip of a comedian going off about striking out in slow pitch softball season? (Hint: it was sometime in slow pitch softball season)

8. In the early part of the year I posted an article saying what you’ve read about Christian divorce rates is wrong.  Give the date I posted the article.

9. I reviewed Red’s new album when it came out in 2011.  What did I say about the album was “very identifiable for me as I listened to it”?

10. What was the date of the first “Friday Link Highlight” article?

11. On what Monday was the link of the week entitled “wrestling with homosexuality”?

12. How many links and how many bullet thoughts were included in the first ever post on this blog?

13. An October Monday post talked about a boomtown in North Dakota.  What is the first name (only name given) of the first person described in this article?

14. “Boys Who Can Shave” was the title of a Friday Link Highlight in what month?

15. A Monday post in springtime contained a link titled “And I worry about what?”  What was the article about?

16. I asked early in the NFL season this year if the Browns were point shaving.  Name the date of the post.

17. I posted some thoughts at the end of a pretty big Sunday in Christianity. Give the title of the article.

18. How many of the Final Four did I get right?  How did I do in the pool I was in?

19. I posted a specific Scripture quote in a Monday bullet thought.  What was it?

20. Write a four sentence paragraph telling your thoughts on the “On My Mind #2” entry. (The only requirement here is you show some thought.  You don’t have to do this if you are confident you have 15 of the first 19 correct!)

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