Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 8.13.13

Scattered thoughts, loosely organized.  Must be time for Tuesday rambling!


  • My faith has definitely been growing.  I’ve seen God do a lot things in the past couple months.  It’s been both good and tough and it has increased the level at which I rely on Him!
  • I think the American church is weak on spiritual warfare.  I am growing in my awareness of spiritual warfare, and praying that God will help work to break areas of spiritual attack both personally and in ministry.


  • I am hoping to get some specific and fruitful time with our children before the summer is over.
  • We know a lot is going to be changing in our lives as school resumes soon. Different schedules will be a challenge but we are looking forward to it and trying to communicate as well as we can ahead of time.
  • If you had to rate from 1-10 (10 is the most difficult) how difficult it is to keep your home flowing, organized, scheduled, etc., how would you answer? I’d say about seven or eight. It takes effort to keep yourselves on the same page.  And, I believe that effort is worth it!


  • Why do I get discontent when there aren’t cereals in my home that I like? How dumb.  People are starving.
  • It is a season of evaluation right now – many areas of life are under review. This is a good thing and it should be helpful.


  • The end of this baseball season is going to be fantastic.
  • If you like sports, do you ever wrestle with how much time they take in your life? What other hobbies/interests take significant amounts of time?


  • Man cannot worship both God and money.  Meditate on this statement (taken from Jesus’ teaching) and sort through its implications in your life!
  • Are you prepared for any unforeseen financial change or emergency? If not, develop a plan starting TODAY to get prepared.  It’s not if the car will need repaired, something in the house breaks, pay or work situations change, it’s when!

Tuesday Rambling 8.6.13

Here is my usually Tuesday scatteredness.  Is that a word? It is now!


  • Alex Rodriguez is one of the most selfish human beings.  Wow.  He has not a care in the world that the spotlight is on him while it should be on his teammate (Mariano Rivera) who is finishing a Hall of Fame career this year. I know the Yankees won’t make the playoffs, but wow this guy is a sight to behold.  It makes me sad.
  • The local team, your Cleveland Indians, on the other hand, look decent.  They still can’t win a big game against Detroit (or so it seems), but with the weakness of their schedule it seems the playoffs are a decent possibility.
  • I am definitely excited for the NFL season to start.

Personal Growth

  • It has been a while since I have felt like I was thriving in several areas all at once.  I praise God that this has been one of those seasons in my life.  I hope and pray God can continue to help me grow as an individual and as a leader.
  • I will be enrolling in a class about counseling soon.  I hope it makes me more effective in helping people work through issues life throws at them.  Counselors have been super effective in my life at certain points.


  • Our Heavenly Father is enjoyable.  Yes!  I do look forward to going to heaven and spending eternity with God.  So, I want my kids to see some part of me as an enjoyable person who reflects that part of our heavenly Father’s characteristics.  All jokes aside, I do have a hard time with that.  It is not natural for me to plan fun activities with our family.  So, I have to be intentional and try my best.
  • I am sure many parents struggle with having energy for their children.  It’s a constant struggle, but one we must think through, always striving for growth.


  • One show I like is America’s Got Talent.  I enjoy watching people under pressure.  You never know how they’ll perform.
  • I got a new album from Sovereign Grace with songs about the book of Romans.  It’s fantastic.
  • When watching the news, remember: they are telling you that’s what they think the news is.  Always have a filter on when listening to “the latest”.


Tuesday Rambling 7.30.13

It’s Tuesday. Time to ramble!


  • I am super excited for our discipleship focus tonight at Goss!
  • I am waking up more and more with a sense of excitement for how God might use me that day./li>
  • This is the day that The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  • I heard an expression I really liked recently. If there is a small chance of something happening, you could say it would be like winning the Indianapolis 500 in a minivan.
  • Being gone for basically 2 days to Philly to be a part of a short term missions work team was very much worth it.


  • Our vacation trip to the beach was a wonderful week. Good rest, great family time.
  • I really enjoy being a part of helping our kids’ learning process. Helping David learn to ride a boogie board at the beach was a really blessing.


  • I got to visit two churches on vacation – one with the family, one alone. It was great to see the way people do things in their worship expressions. I even got caught up in a business meeting at one church!


  • The baseball trade deadline is tomorrow. It’s an exciting time for the sport.
  • Watched a lot of ESPN on vacation. I really don’t miss it. If you don’t have cable, having it on vacation is definitely nice though!

Tuesday Rambling 7.16.13

Here is a somewhat organized collection of rambling.  It’s Tuesday!


  • A conversation from Sunday. Lexi: “Daddy, where’s mommy?” Daddy: “She went to pass out flyers saying VBS is cancelled.” Lexi: “I’m not buying it.”
  • VBS week is an exciting week.  Trying not to let the extra lessons and worship at church be a substitute for the family prayer and devotions we normally do.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

  • If you think I have anything to add on the topic, you’re insane.  I did youth ministry for ten years, so I’m naturally sad that a young man lost his life.


  • I am hoping the Yankees off some bullpen talent for a bat, and preferably someone who can play the infield. July 31 is coming.
  • There’s something about watching the All-Star game that I really enjoy.  Go American League!
  • More failed drug tests in track and field.  It’s hard to watch athletes perform at high levels without wondering if they’re juiced.


  • How amazing is it that the God who created the universe has a plan for our lives? 
  • I heard this the other morning: Even when unbelievers apply principles from God’s Word to their lives they work.  The principles of God’s Word are that strong.  For the record, I’m still chewing on that!


  • One year ago I was in Haiti with a bunch of great people.  I miss the country itself and I pray for the Church in Haiti to continue to thrive in a difficult spiritual climate.

Tuesday Rambling 7.9.13

A few thoughts for your Tuesday . . .


  • It is so important to keep the big picture in mind.  I think in ministry it’s VERY easy to get frustrated in the day by day and to lose sight of the bigger picture.
  • Clarity is a big word that I use a lot.  I seek to clarify situations so I know how best to help. It’s an endless prayer for wisdom to be understand at a high level.  Discernment is not something that comes naturally for me, but with help from the Holy Spirit He enables me to see things better along the way.
  • If you love people and seek to help them grow closer to Christ, what are your biggest challenges?


  • Murray!  Wow it is exciting that Andy Murray won Wimbledon.  I’m happy for the British people.
  • In case you missed it, a guy died (this is a real story) and asked for Cleveland Browns players to be his pall bearers so he could have them let him down one last time.  One of the comments on his obit (or a related story) made the joke that they’re not used to carrying things without dropping them for very long! Oh what fun . . .
  • The Indians missed a big chance in last night’s game.
  • I don’t think Dwight Howard will solve the Rockets’ problems any more than he did for the Lakers.


  • On my busiest days I feel like I am a terrible dad.  I know that’s not true; I simply need to balance the busy times with times that I am present and engaged.  
  • Similarly, I am NOT wired to be away from my family for long periods of time. Over the last couple days I haven’t seen our older kids too much, and even that short amount of time makes me feel disconnected.


  • I have a guy who’s trying to sell me a certain kind of life insurance policy.  I really need to gain some more information, but for my approach to such things, it definitely sounds interesting.
  • So it down-poured and our softball game got cut short last night.  Then, I left my cleats at the facility.  I’m headed out there to (hopefully) retrieve them tonight.


  • “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” (Jesus)
  • “Resolved, never to do anything which I should be afraid to do if it were the last hour of my life.” – Jonathan Edwards