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2015 Thought Driven Action Blog Giveaway

Welcome to the 2015 version of the Thought Driven Action blog giveaway. This week is close to the time of my anniversary of writing a blog (eight or nine years?), and let’s be honest, I don’t write my blog to be famous.

Why a contest? I get a lot of encouragement in my writing simply by people telling me they appreciate what I do. So I think of my blog more as a ministry to friends and believers I’m connected with rather than some larger sect of the Christian community. To offer a gift or prize for readers is for me akin to just having some fun with friends. I’m blessed to do this, I’ve been challenged recently about giving, and so my wife Julie and I hope to bless someone else! This contest really is that simple.

Prize: $400 cash. Who doesn’t need a little cash this time of year?

Entry: You may enter by answering the questions to the following quiz. You need 9 of 10 answered/correct, plus a brief answer to the last two. Please email your answers to I will confirm your entry once I receive your email. If I have not responded within 24 hours, please follow up to be sure I received your entry. There are no exclusions for entry.

Deadline: You must have your answers in by 11:59 Sunday, November 22.

Encouragement: I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 15 people take the time to enter, so your odds are pretty good if you do!


  1. From a January “Think and Act” post, what is the second reason I listed for why I love my job?
  2. I shared an article in February that described a “most tolerated sin”. What was that sin?
  3. In March I did a Friday Feature on an article describing myths of educational effectiveness. Which one of the eight did I say the church can be guilty of?
  4. What was the fourth reason I gave for “why you should worship in private”?
  5. Find and skim the “Think and Act” article featuring “One Powerful Picture”. How would you sum up the brief article in one sentence?
  6. In a June Tuesday rambling about prayer, where does prayer remind us our position is in relation to God?
  7. How did Jemar Tisby challenge white believers to filter their thoughts regarding the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, according to his article I shared in July?
  8. According to an August “Tuesday Rambling” post, what encouraged me about the Planned Parenthood protest?
  9. Why are some Christians perceived as mean, according to a September “Think and Act” post?
  10. Did you have a favorite article from this past year? In what way did it help, convict, or encourage you?

What topics do you enjoy reading about the most?

What is one thing I could do that would interest you more in reading or visiting this site?


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