Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Tuesday Rambling 4.25.17 – About Churches and Aging Believers

Tuesday means rambling thoughts. Today: about churches and aging believers.

  •  I’d venture to say most newer or growing churches in the U.S. have a smaller number of aging believers (perhaps a lower number of those age 60 and up? – just a guess).
  • A question: what would happen if a number of new believers – equal to 20% or more of a church body – over the age of 60 just showed up and got plugged into a church targeted at younger believers?
  • Would it feel like an inconvenience? Or moving backward?
  • Would the leadership change the style of worship to adjust?
  • Would the younger congregation welcome them with some of the struggles they might bring?
  • Older believers by default will have more health problems and require more visitation.
  • Would anyone see such a situation as a blessing? Would leadership work to connect the aging believers with younger believers in need of godly wisdom and counsel?
  • I don’t write this to condemn, but to challenge.
  • How can our churches honor our older members, whose lives have changed so much?
  • How can our churches welcome their service and influence as part of the larger mission?
  • How can our churches help us learn compassion for people at different stages of life, even that stage which leads naturally to death?
  • For all ages: who do you know in an age bracket 30-40 years or more away from you?
  • Do younger folks know older folks? Do older folks really know younger folks? Both in a way that allows for prayer, relationship, and connection inside and (gasp!) outside of church?
  • Read Titus 2 here and get a picture of the types of relationships the Bible describes.

Monday Challenge 4.24.17 – Feasting As War, Parents’ Mobile Use, Bill O’Reilly

Good morning. If you don’t qualify it as “good”, at least the bright sunshine expected should help!

And hopefully a good challenge will help as well. Lots to think about…be challenged!

Feasting As War

This article caught my eye. Can we feast as an act of war against our spiritual enemy?

Question: Does this change how you view meals and potlucks?

Parents’ Mobile Use

Does it help or hurt family time? Take a guess then read…

Question: Parents, how can you adapt?

Bill O’Reilly

Great insights here about how the Church can learn from this situation.

Question: What do you make about the last point about men and accountability?

Your Standing Before God

Are Paul and James at odds about our justification before God? Faith? Works?

Question: How would you answer the question about Paul and James being at odds with each other?


Tuesday Rambling 4.18.17 – Do You Have Faith?

Rambling about faith:

  • Definition of faith: Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)
  • Let’s start there. Assurance? Do we have it?
  • The point of faith involves believing without seeing. That does not preclude assurance.
  • Evidence of faith abounds. God intends the history of His works to sustain our faith.
  • He commands OT believers to remember through the Passover.
  • He commands NT believers to remember through celebrating communion.
  • We should remember the great works God has done and let those fuel our trust of His present and future work.
  • If we have no faith in past promises, how can we trust His promises which guide the future?
  • A practical question: Do we act like we have faith?
  • If we always question everything that doesn’t go our way, do we look for God’s purposes? Or do we wallow in self-created confusion?
  • Faith does not mean we get everything we want. It means we trust what God gives us.
  • Does it mean we shouldn’t struggle, or admit the difficulty of situations or seasons? No. We should admit those in the process of seeking to understand God’s will and plan, increasing our faith.
  • Faith is a gift (Eph. 2:8-9). Faith is a defense weapon (Eph. 6:16 and a great companion comparison in Genesis 15:1).
  • In times of great unknown, we can create a weak shelter of our own views and strength. Or we can actively trust God and marvel at His work, however much we may understand at that time.

Monday Challenge 4.17.17 – Easter, Single Women Missionaries, Mandatory Gene Editing?

Another Easter gone by means the presence of another Monday after Easter.

Up for a challenge? Don’t miss some good articles.

He Is Not Dead

Seven victories of the resurrection. You could spend the whole day on this one!

Question: Which of the seven packs the most meaning for you right now?

Single Women Missionaries

I found the courage of such women rather inspiring. May we all have courage for Christ and for the Word of God.

Question: What type of work might God bring about in you? How would you know?

Discipleship Don’ts

This challenged my thinking on making disciples. I hope it does the same for you.

Question: Which don’t proves most easy to do?

Mandatory Gene Editing?

To what level of influence might editing the genes of your children rise? This article suggests a high one.

Question: Do you agree with the author’s prediction?


Tuesday Rambling 4.11.17 – 10 Ramblings About The Cross

Rambling about the cross during Holy Week:

  • Yes, the cross portrays brutality. Hard to get around that. So why would God do that?
  • The brutality of the cross speaks to the weight and seriousness of human sin.
  • If it took the cross to make atonement with God for the sin of mankind, that should tell us about the terror and dread of our sin.
  • In the midst of such dread, the cross tells us a story of hope.
  • The cross says God cares about humans, even those who have offended him by their sin.
  • The cross shows the love of God, his love for us which allowed His Son (HIS SON!) to suffer in our place.
  • Further, God allowed Jesus to suffer knowing some would reject the offer.
  • Jesus’ opposition thought the cross won their victory.
  • Instead, the cross won the victory for all who believe: victory over sin, then eventually leading to the resurrection which brings victory over death!
  • Romans 5:8: but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”