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Tuesday Rambling 9.27.16 – Loving Akron In A Difficult Time

Love Akron

  • Today marks one of Akron’s signature events: the annual Love Akron Awards Breakfast.
  • Last year on the day of the breakfast I wrote about the organization of Love Akron and its overall influence. Today, a slightly different focus.
  • This weekend I experienced a poignant picture of Love Akron’s presence.
  • Akron recently lost a spiritual giant in Pastor Dennis Butts of The House of the Lord.
  • Saturday I was able to attend a portion of the public remembrances for Rev. Butts. Many of those asked to share reflected Pastor Butts’ influence in the greater Akron area.
  • Many of those asked to share networked and co-labored with Pastor Butts through Love Akron.
  • The event left a strong impression of the unity in Akron brought about through Love Akron’s presence.
  • As a facilitator of relationships among Akron’s spiritual leaders, Love Akron excels.
  • I do not wish to leave Rev. Butts’ legacy in the shadow of this post; indeed others have covered that better than my limited relationship with him.
  • Let the emphasis lay on the spiritual benefit and blessing of an organization that truly lives out the “unity” portion of its mission to: “tear down the walls that divide the colors, cultures, and congregations and to build bridges of understanding…”.
  • I’m glad for the presence of a larger organization’s effectiveness in doing just that.
  • I counted it a blessing Saturday to experience the love shared among many of Akron’s Christian leaders, especially in a time of such difficult loss.
  • You can read more about Love Akron here.

Monday Challenge 9.26.16 – God’s Word, Tim Kaine and the Bible, Teens and Fear


Good morning. Or, whenever you read this, good whatever!

Happy reading. And as always – be challenged!

God’s Word

With what type of stewardship do we approach God’s Word? The question deserves some of our time.

Question: Which type of steward are you?

Tim Kaine and the Bible

Politicians mangle the Bible all the time. Tim Kaine only provides a recent example, but it should make us think.

Question: Do you have an approach to Scripture that helps you discern truth when people say things like this?


I found this approach to entertainment helpful.

Question: Where does your approach to entertainment fall?

Teens and Fear

Three things teens fear.

Question: How does this help you relate to teens in your life?


Tuesday Rambling 9.20.16 – The Church: What If?


Tuesday means rambling time:

  • These thoughts are not limited to the local church I lead. I am simply wondering out loud about the condition of the Church.
  • None of this will make the category of “earth shattering”, but I know in any given week I struggle with one or more of the following areas:
  • What if we laid down our preferences about church and truly made loving Jesus together the number one priority?
  • What if, for every complaint we had about something or someone in church, we put twice as much energy into improving the situation?
  • What if we prayed for pastors’ preaching more than we critiqued?
  • What if we truly prayed for the spiritual growth of Christians we love to judge?
  • What if the leaders of the church we attended knew our attendance and giving weren’t tied directly to our feelings, our evaluation, or our unwillingness to work through problems in a biblical manner?
  • What if believers learned how to leave churches with as much grace as we join them?
  • What if our churches could count on an hour of service from us every month?
  • What if missions occupied our prayer time at the same level as health requests?
  • What if those hurt by churches found a place of healing and hope in our local fellowships?

Monday Challenge 9.19.16 – Sports in NC, Controllers, Dads Singing


Good Monday Morning. No such thing in your world? Sorry about that. Perhaps a challenge or two (or four!) will make your day.

The Phony War with the NCAA

This article calls the wars sports entities have waged against the state of North Carolina “phony”.

Question: With what points do you agree or disagree? Why?


Ever struggle with an obsession with control? This article should help.

Question: How can trusting God help you release control?


Would you give up a seat for a pregnant woman?

Question: Why do you think an article like this draws us?

Dads Singing

This article explores the benefits of the concept.

Question: Would your home benefit from dad singing more?


Friday Feature 9.16.16 – Freedom of Sexual Integrity

An article by a 32 year old virgin stood out this week as Monday’s top-clicked article. Read it here:

“I’m a 32 year old virgin . . . living the dream”

A couple comments:

1. Courage

I think the stance itself shows courage. More and more, believers will need courage to explain their convictions regarding sexual integrity.

2. What a quote.

In discussing why millennials have less sex, the author crafted this gem:

“Maybe they realize that a condom doesn’t protect the heart, and that true love is something worth waiting for and fighting for.”

Think. Does sexual integrity matter? Why?

Act. Think about how you might state your conviction with a great balance of truth and love.