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Monday Challenge 2.29.16 – Prosperity Gospel, Socialism Is Evil, Rousey’s ID


It’s leap day. Well, it’s Monday too. Time for a challenge, and these articles will fit the bill.

Ronda Rousey

This article shows Rousey’s honesty in the wake of her loss. Why would she get so low after one loss?

Question: Have you ever tied your identity too closely to results?

Death and the Prosperity Gospel

Let me present this clearly: sometimes I post articles that simply have made me think. I may not agree fully with everything I post. I encourage you to read this article about the prosperity gospel. I think this fantastic piece will challenge anyone who approaches their faith like this.

Question: How should a believer in Christ approach a grave diagnosis?

A Challenging Book Review

Sometimes just a book review will challenge. I found this one challenging. Stop loving the world!

Question: Does this make you want to read the book?

Is Socialism Evil?

This article says so. It challenged me, so I present this to challenge you.

Question: Does the “evil” label come across too strong? Or does it really fit?

Friday Feature 2.26.16 – Christians Should Avoid Watching Nudity


I wish I didn’t have to write about this type of stuff (or, better, feature other people’s articles about it).

The most clicked link from Monday’s post has to do with nudity on the screen:

Sex on the Silver Screen

The author, Tim Challies, makes some thought (and action) worthy arguments. After you’ve read his, check out a couple comments I’ll add:

1. Freedom can’t avoid facts.

I wonder sometimes if believers place too high a value on their freedom. Whatever freedom we may have, facts and risks of all sorts surely follow.

Alcohol? Tobacco? Believers love to tout their freedom to use such things. Are the treatments of the warnings against freedom and how it can lead others astray just as strong?

2. How do we view people?

This point really made me think. Even though the stories represent fiction, the reality of the people involved should speak to us.

Someone’s daughter, son, spouse, etc. participates in these scenes. If I and other writers have applied that logic to pornography, why not to racy scenes in movies or even T.V. shows?

We should view people as more than a means to make the next entertainment dollar.

Think. Do you have a personal conviction about what you watch on T.V?

Act. You can always find out what’s in a movie or T.V. show before you watch it.

Think and Act 2.25.16 – When I Make Videos With Our Kids


The video I made with our kids last week should have taken this spot right here. But, the file won’t fit, so you’ll have to troll on over to my Facebook page to find it.

For this post, a few thoughts about the method and the madness behind these videos.

1. Method.

Think simple. Cell phone video camera and iMovie for editing provide the basic makeup. We trade filming responsibilities depending on who’s in which scene.

2. Madness.

This process often devolves into madness. You have a perfectionist father trying to work with the script-writing, acting, and otherwise attention challenged abilities of children who have good intentions. Do the math.

I often think this process (yes, I am a willing participant) brings about growth in me more than any other benefit. Do I lose my patience? Sure. Do we get into arguments doing this? Yes. Our eyes roll more times than a sports car in an action scene.

The process of the “madness” reminds me of their developmental level, and how I need to learn to laugh, slow down, and enjoy the time. Through it all we do end up having a lot of fun as we mess up, re-take, re-edit, and fuss over our imperfection. This all brings about the . . .

3. Memories.

The memories we make doing these projects will truly endure. Regularly, our kids ask “Remember in that video we made when…?”  I fully realize that doing these projects taps a creative side with them and pulls my heart strings when they fondly remember the fun we had going through the process together.

The memories have the power to shrink the limitations of the method and the angst of the madness.

Think. How will your kids remember special times with you?

Act. Intentionally, what sorts of things can you do to create memories with your kids?

Tuesday Rambling 2.23.16 – Loves, Likes, and Dislikes of Winter Jam


Winter Jam has come and gone yet again. For those of you who don’t know, Winter Jam is a concert that brings a wide variety of mostly well known Christian artists together for a bunch of performances all in one. What follows summarizes my thoughts on this year’s event:


  • I love when the body of Christ comes together.
  • I love the sacrifice of standing in line in the cold for a seat (no advanced ticketing).
  • I love when Newsong performs “Arise, My Love”. I’m not sure any one song performance tops this one each year.
  • I LOVE the fact that young people get to see some of their favorite artists live.
  • I love the fact that the event shares the truth of the Gospel each and every year in a clear and easy to understand way.


  • I do like the platform Winter Jam has to promote causes and events throughout Christianity.
  • I like the $10 general admission price idea.
  • I like the production value. This is not just a concert, but a well put together (and complicated) production. They do it well with so many moving pieces and parts. And somehow, the have very little trouble with their sound even with all the different groups performing.


  • I don’t like the fact they take an offering. They should just raise the price and allow groups more time to play their songs.
  • I really dislike the tactic in the offering of telling basically the same story every year of someone who gave their last $20 and then God blessed them. At some point you lose credibility when you tell the same story. There may be some story like that happened at some point, but I simply don’t think it’s true that the same story happens every year. Silly me, I value truth.
  • I wish Winter Jam would affirm the local church. They do a thing where they value pastors and youth leaders, inviting them to a special meeting where they get to meet some of the artists or something (I’ve never gone to that).
  • But even after they ask people to decide to follow Christ, the encouragement steps to grow in your faith involve getting a book or stopping by a table. Getting baptized or connecting into a local church don’t come across. Why?
  • This event needs the local church for its success. Why not give a little back in encouraging what people do in their local churches?

Monday Challenge 2.22.16 – Avoid Watching Nudity, Public Lament, Men and Abortion


Perhaps a good challenge will help get your week going.

Christians Should Avoid Watching Nudity

That’s Tim Challies’ conclusion. This article challenged me. I hope it challenges you too.

Question: Which of his points helps you the most?

Public Lament

This type of article helps me process race relations and justice from another perspective. Lord, help me.

Question: Do you think of these relationships that way?

Powerful Forgiveness

You won’t be disappointed you watched this. Powerful.

Question: Could you say this, in this context?

Men and Abortion

Seven real reasons why men have a voice regarding abortion.

Question: If these points seem basic, does it help you understand how far from God’s view of life we’ve strayed?