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Why You Should Attend the Stop the Violence Event

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We live in a world where we see violence everywhere. I don’t need to explain that. As some violent incidents have taken place in our community over the past couple years, a Stop the Violence movement has sprung up to offer a positive message and respect those affected by tragedy. Two events this spring will follow up on an event last February.

If you’re in the Kenmore area, I’d like to encourage you to attend Saturday, April 12 from 5:00-7:00. The event will be held at First Glance. Below are three reasons I think you should be a part of this gathering. If you’re from out of the area, these will give you ways to pray for our community.

1. Real people are affected and they need support.

Often violence is seen on T.V. in snippets of grieving family members and court decisions. I want to encourage you to understand that real people are affected by violence — and it’s very difficult. Imagine being a first responder and removing a dead body. Imagine being a parent whose child has fallen victim to violence. Imagine the shock of unexpected news rippling through schools, relationships, and the streets.

When violence strikes, these things are all real. Grief sets in, traumatized individuals struggle, and mental, emotional, and spiritual health are threatened. The people involved must have a strong community for support. Going to a rally for a couple hours is a way to show support. A healthy community has people who care about each other and the greater community as well.

2. An event is a great way to send a message.

Some events send bad messages. The Stop the Violence event will send a great message that violence is not the answer. There are better ways to deal with tough stuff than destroying others or ourselves. Other messages will include learning how to press on, how to overcome, and solid reasons to avoid trouble in the first place.

It makes sense that sending a message to a bunch of people at once is effective. Energy is often built in community and an event setting can help build momentum.

3. Life matters to God.

When people are violent with each other in solving things, life is wasted and damaged. Life really does matter to God and efforts to encourage people to avoid violence honor Him. I think a community gathering to promote non-violent solutions honors God and helps people think about how they should live their lives, both as individuals and together as a community.


I encourage you to attend on Saturday, April 12 from 5:00 – 7:00 at First Glance if you’re in the Kenmore area of Akron. If you’re not, and you’ve read this post, please pray for our community to heal from the past and build for a positive future.

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