Challenging believers in Jesus to think and act based on Bible truth.

Welcome to Thought-Driven Action

This is my first post at the new blog site.  Let me give you a brief tour.


Content on the blog will look much the same as the old blog.  Here are a couple things to note:

Monday Challenge posts will be my usual sharing of links.  What’s new will be some thoughts and questions regarding how to apply the concepts of the articles.

Tuesday Rambling posts will be what current readers know as the “Bullets” section of the former “Monday Links and Bullets”.  It was hard for me to focus on doing them both on the same day.  I’ll probably still write them on the same day, just post them on different days.

Think and Act articles will be a place for me to develop my thinking a bit farther.  When posted, they will be on Wednesdays or Thursdays. As the name of the site and the name of these posts suggest, they will challenge people to both think and do.

Friday Feature will feature the article from that week’s Monday Challenge which received the most clicks.  I like to develop a few additional thoughts alongside each week’s feature article and will include some action points here as well.

Older content from the “pastorkevinb” site is available in the Classic Categories section, via the Archives menu, or by general search.

I’ve updated the About page with a bit more about why I do the blog, and there’s a Contact Form as well which allows you to reach me in case you don’t have my e-mail address.


I’d like to thank both Roger Nichols and Josiah Sprague for helping me get the new site going.

Thanks also to anyone who has ever encouraged me in doing this blog.  It doesn’t really matter the size of my audience. What really matters to me is that with a few spare minutes each week I can do something that encourages people to think and live Biblically.

I truly hope you enjoy this site. Be challenged!

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