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Weekend Feature 11.29.14 – Is Racism the Same As Gay Discrimination?

Okay, so yesterday was a bit slow. We’ll turn the Friday Feature into the Weekend Feature. Either way, it’s a great article on something believers should be asking:

Is Gay the New Black?

Voddie Bauchum’s article brings up great points to think about. After you’ve read it, my response centers on one main thought:

The arguments of culture are shifting. 

One of my biggest issues with advocating for re-defining marriage is that the definition of what rights are being fought for is changing. The slope is slippery.

What Bauchum rightly points out is that when it comes to racism, it’s very possible to define an offense. Race is something genetically provable. Race follows genetics which align with God’s created order.

However, as Bauchum describes, sexuality is declared and often difficult to define. Even if you believe sexuality is genetic, how should the law apply when someone decides against living a certain sexual lifestyle in favor of another?

Further, what groups and what lifestyles need protection? Even in the push for rights, this seems to be shifting. Bacchus’s word “unsustainable” is very real and challenges our thinking. So . . .

Think. Thinking is very important when it comes to emotional issues. Gays aren’t a survey option or a tax class. They’re people. Often they’re family members, friends, loved ones. So ask yourself: logically, where should the law extend? And how should those laws be defined?

Act. One of the best ways to act is to leave the emotional rhetoric at the door no matter which side of the debate you choose to defend. If you are in these types of conversations, show love and appeal to logic, which has rules. In any way possible, show love.


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