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Wednesday Challenge 7.23.14 – What If I Think I’m gay?, Lost Time, and Lebron

It’s been a great week of mission – so “challenge” is on Wednesday this week, not on Monday. Rambling will be tomorrow, on Thursday. A little later, but still some great articles: be challenged!

Link of the Week

In the NE Ohio area, Lebron is still very much the center of attention. Here’s a good article that comes to a good conclusion. Check it out for yourself. Is he a savior? Not so fast . . . 

Question: How do process Lebron’s impact on a region?

The Christian Faith

1. 15 benefits of God’s Word.

Question: Is it easy to forget what God’s Word does for us?

2. God can restore your lost years

Question: If you’re like me, do you wonder what God does with time you “lost” that you could have spent better being more passionate about your faith?

3. What if I’m gay? It’s a good question, and lot of people are asking it. Even if you’ve never wrestled with this, it’s a great read.

Question: This is a long article. Is there one thing you can


Don’t mock others without examining yourselves!

Question: Just how hard is it for you to say “no”?

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