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Update on my 50 miles for justice campaign. How over $500 is going to help free modern day slaves – and how you can help make it $1000 – or more!

So, back in May I made a post that described my ambition to run a 50 mile race this November.  I’m well on pace and wanted to give an update.  In case you missed it, here is the original post.  Reading it would be helpful.

In the post, I outlined my desire to try something new, and for a cause.  I’ve never run 50 miles before, and I’m happy to report that as August nears an end, I am well on my way.  I ran a 25 mile training run last Friday and felt pretty good at the end of it.  I worked a very full day from 9:00 till after 4:00 and never needed a nap.  So, needless to say, I’m praying the running portion of things stays solid.

Now, onto the finances.  As motivation to do this race, I am attempting to raise as much as $1000 or more for International Justice Mission.  I said that if $250 were raised, my wife Julie and I would match it for a total of $500. Well, praise God, that’s happened!!  And it only took three donations (four including ours).  So, I’m definitely hoping for more!  If the total reaches $750, we will add another $250 to make it $1000!!  Small gifts of $5, $10, or more can pile up and provide a big help.

The cause is International Justice Mission and they work with people who are at best trapped in property battles and disadvantaged, and at worst enslaved in the sex trade across the world.  They provide legal resources for victims to have a chance.  Raising money for them helps victims like this get justice – and freedom.  Would you consider helping this organization – and my motivation for my race – by donating some money to the cause?

You can both donate and read more about the cause at this website which IJM set up for my campaign.

If nothing else, don’t sit around.  Try something new.  Challenge yourself.  You only live once, so maximize it and go do something!

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