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Tuesday Rambling – The Poor, Rewards for Abortion, Ministry Quote

It’s Tuesday. Time for rambling. Here we go:

The Poor

  • The most difficult thing about understanding the poor is thinking differently.
  • If you’ve never been poor or known anyone who is, what you have to do is put yourself in their shoes.
  • It sounds cliche, but seriously, if you rely on education, personal contacts, savings, your home, or a steady life, ask yourself what it would be like if you didn’t have those things anymore.

Rewards for Abortion

  • It is being reported that a certain Planned Parenthood facility was given an award for increasing the number of abortions.
  • I’ve read this in more than one location, and it’s baffling.
  • The strongest sentiment I have (aside from utter heartbreak that lives are being lost) is that it’s blatant hypocrisy.
  • Out of one side of the mouth, the industry says abortion is rare, as if to diminish it.
  • Out of the other side, rewards for increased “production”? And our president says this is “good work”?

Ministry Quote

  • “The healthier my ministry is, the healthier my home is.”
  • As in any position of work anyone may hold, the types of decisions you make can affect how much you “take your work home”.
  • For me, I truly believe that if the structures I help create in ministry are healthy, my home life will be healthy as well. Part of this for me, honestly, is that work is right across the street from where I live.

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