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Tuesday Rambling 9.9.14 – How the Browns Are Like Counseling

Some thoughts on how the Browns are like counseling, or working with people in general.

  • It’s very possible to say that you want to do something.
  • People can talk a lot about changes they’d like to make.
  • Some people even make plans to make changes.
  • But, they never put those changes into effect.
  • The Browns seem like that right now – saying and doing a lot to change.
  • New coach, new players, new look to the stadium . . . you get the picture.
  • If I was counseling the Browns, I’d have to get tough with them:
  • When you want to change, then follow through and start winning.
  • A team interested in change would have won Sunday’s opener, but they didn’t.
  • Until they start winning, the fans will like to talk about outward changes, but will be let down because the only result that matters isn’t really changing.
  • But, if this comparison runs true, them something else is in play for me, at least.
  • I have endless wells of hope for people to change.
  • I feel the same for my beloved Browns. It can click at anytime in people’s lives as they gain momentum and begin moving forward, conquering sin and difficulty through the grace of Christ.
  • I’m not sure Jesus cares whether or not the Browns win, but I certainly have hope for them!

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