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Tuesday Rambling 9.27.16 – Loving Akron In A Difficult Time

Love Akron

  • Today marks one of Akron’s signature events: the annual Love Akron Awards Breakfast.
  • Last year on the day of the breakfast I wrote about the organization of Love Akron and its overall influence. Today, a slightly different focus.
  • This weekend I experienced a poignant picture of Love Akron’s presence.
  • Akron recently lost a spiritual giant in Pastor Dennis Butts of The House of the Lord.
  • Saturday I was able to attend a portion of the public remembrances for Rev. Butts. Many of those asked to share reflected Pastor Butts’ influence in the greater Akron area.
  • Many of those asked to share networked and co-labored with Pastor Butts through Love Akron.
  • The event left a strong impression of the unity in Akron brought about through Love Akron’s presence.
  • As a facilitator of relationships among Akron’s spiritual leaders, Love Akron excels.
  • I do not wish to leave Rev. Butts’ legacy in the shadow of this post; indeed others have covered that better than my limited relationship with him.
  • Let the emphasis lay on the spiritual benefit and blessing of an organization that truly lives out the “unity” portion of its mission to: “tear down the walls that divide the colors, cultures, and congregations and to build bridges of understanding…”.
  • I’m glad for the presence of a larger organization’s effectiveness in doing just that.
  • I counted it a blessing Saturday to experience the love shared among many of Akron’s Christian leaders, especially in a time of such difficult loss.
  • You can read more about Love Akron here.


  1. Thank you Kevin, it’s people like you make Love Akron what it is today. Hateful pastors and people who just keep showing up doing what God called him to do. I love you I think you’re amazing, Mark

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