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Tuesday Rambling 9.26.17 – Questions About The President, The NFL, And Listening

Let me ramble out a few questions about this whole big mess:

  • Have you thought through everyone’s motives in this situation – including the president, the players, and the media?
  • If you’re mad, have you asked yourself “Why”?
  • I fear in many debates anger’s presence only comes from our “shock” that not everyone thinks like we do (or how we think they should).
  • Could you stand as a friend with someone who doesn’t agree with your position?
  • Could you express those disagreements over coffee or dinner without screaming and shouting?
  • Do you realize screaming, shouting, and divisiveness are exactly what some people desire for this situation?
  • If you support the president, do you realize that he is using his position to influence a private employer to fire people for using their free speech in a manner that disagrees with his views?
  • Does the above (true) bullet point scare you? If not, would you be willing to do some reading to understand our government’s true role and what free speech really means?
  • If you don’t understand players’ protest, have you or would you read something which would help you understand their concerns about injustice?
  • Have you asked yourself “What does the flag really represent?”
  • In your view, how would you describe America?
  • Do you think certain people benefit from disunity?
  • How can you work toward unity in your life, your social media posts, and as you seek to “love your neighbor as yourself?” (Matthew 22:37-40)

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