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Tuesday Rambling 9.24.13

Here are a few thoughts on some varied and random topics, otherwise known as Tuesday Rambling:


  • The following conversation was heard Monday morning in our house. David: “Lexi, did you know the Bengals beat the Packers?” Lexi: “I don’t care.”
  • Yes, the Browns won.  The real war rages on against Satan.


  • I am excited to be preaching from the Old Testament.  It’s fun to think about how things were in the beginning days of the faith.
  • I am praying for God to be at work and stay at work in our community.
  • Spiritual warfare is constant and something to stay aware of all the time.

Social Media

  • I think a lot of people waste a lot of time on social media. There really isn’t much new. I do enjoy basic status updates, pics, and things like that. But the complaining, drama, negativity I can do without.
  • Twitter is hard because there is absolutely no way (that I know of) to filter my feed.  For instance, I’d like to categorize the types of things in my feed but I don’t think I can.  Oh well.
  • If you are on social media, realize it is NOT reality.


  • Someone recently told me they thought our kids listened to us well.  They must have caught us on a good day.  C’mon, each family has its ups and downs so let’s not pretend they don’t. Also, let’s not build ourselves up by comparing ourselves to others.
  • Thought: Julie and I both believe it is important for our children to understand that we say what we mean and mean what we say. We believe God’s Word is to be trusted, and the logic for us is that we want to give our children a picture that our word can be trusted as well. We think that as parents we will give our children a picture of what God is like.
  • That is a LOT to think about.


  • I have ZERO hope the Yankees make the Wild Card game.  They could win all six games left and STILL miss the game. Not likely for them to be playing past Sunday.

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