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Tuesday Rambling 9.23.14 – A Sports Hero, Why Creation Matters

Tuesday – time for some rambles.

A Sports Hero

  • Derek Jeter has been my favorite athlete since Don Mattingly retired in 1995. This week will likely be his last, barring a miraculous finish.
  • Jeter as an athlete has displayed many qualities worthy of respect.
  • He’s known to be hard working, consistent, self-driven, accountable, and a great teammate.
  • Forget baseball, wouldn’t we all be happy if most leaders in our society were known for the same types of things?
  • It’s been a joy to watch a player of his caliber for so many years. It’s a meaningful thing for his sport to lose him to retirement. Not too many players fit that description.

Believing Creation Matters

  • This probably won’t be original, but it’s on my mind.
  • If I don’t believe God created the world in six days, it makes it more difficult for me to speak with authority about believing the rest of the Bible.
  • The main reason for that in my mind is NOT about the interpretation .
  • Instead, the root issue for me is this: God spoke creation into being referencing six literal days. It’s about His Word, not fussing about how to interpret His Word.

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