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Tuesday Rambling 9.20.16 – The Church: What If?


Tuesday means rambling time:

  • These thoughts are not limited to the local church I lead. I am simply wondering out loud about the condition of the Church.
  • None of this will make the category of “earth shattering”, but I know in any given week I struggle with one or more of the following areas:
  • What if we laid down our preferences about church and truly made loving Jesus together the number one priority?
  • What if, for every complaint we had about something or someone in church, we put twice as much energy into improving the situation?
  • What if we prayed for pastors’ preaching more than we critiqued?
  • What if we truly prayed for the spiritual growth of Christians we love to judge?
  • What if the leaders of the church we attended knew our attendance and giving weren’t tied directly to our feelings, our evaluation, or our unwillingness to work through problems in a biblical manner?
  • What if believers learned how to leave churches with as much grace as we join them?
  • What if our churches could count on an hour of service from us every month?
  • What if missions occupied our prayer time at the same level as health requests?
  • What if those hurt by churches found a place of healing and hope in our local fellowships?

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