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Tuesday Rambling 9.2.14 – What I Need to Pray, Feeling the Press of the Schedule

Time to Ramble. It’s Tuesday

What I Need to Pray

  • Do I need every last detail? No, I don’t. I don’t need up to the minute information or the latest story about how bad things are.
  • These things should be motivations to pray, but I shouldn’t wait for up to the minute information before I pray.
  • Remember, I am praying to God who is all-knowing, so I want my prayers to reflect what His Word teaches me to pray.
  • Instead of waiting on every last pressing detail, I can pray for justice, for the coming of His Kingdom, for salvation for the lost, for protection, and for His intervention against enemies.
  • I like details, everyone does. This day and age overflows with information and quick access to it. Stories develop before our eyes. But, prayer can be effective without every last detail.

Feeling the Press of the Schedule

  • Wow this feels busy.
  • Kids going here, there, and everywhere is nothing new.
  • But it seems like it’s as full of a season as we’ve had.
  • How to respond?
  • Stay consistent, eat together, pray together, and have individual time with each child as well.
  • Having intentional conversations and asking for wisdom discerning kids’ passion levels helps evaluate if all the activity is helping us thrive or dragging us down instead.
  • There is a big difference between fulfilled and busy.

Have a great Tuesday.

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