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Tuesday Rambling 9.17.13

Ready for some rambling? I suppose you wouldn’t be reading if you weren’t. Here goes:


  • The wildcard is hitting the stretch run. I am hoping for the Yankees to play the Indians in the Wild Card game so I can go to Cleveland to see my first post-season game.
  • However, I am doubtful right now because the Yankees really need to go about 10-2 and just don’t have very much pitching. Too many injuries may have finally sunk the ship.


  • I feel like our involvement in Jocelyn’s life is an incredible picture of God’s calling on our lives. We responded to do foster care several years ago and God finally showed us the finalization of her adoption about a year ago. It’s exactly what He called us to do and that’s a sweet place to be.
  • It is fun to help people when they are grateful.
  • In preparing to preach this week about Adam and Eve, I am overwhelmed by God’s grace.


  • We are settling into the family structure and routine of a new school year quite nicely. Not without bumps, but very good so far.
  • It takes a lot of balance to make sure you invest in your children in equal ways.
  • There are a lot of things written about parenting today. I pray for my own wisdom and also for parents I know. The Bible lists very few specific things to do, and instead points to a lot of principles on how to parent children. If we focus on principles, we’ll be ok, even if our specific methods may vary.

Fried Chicken

  • Yes, two weeks in a row. Listen, I know it’s shallow, but I like to spend my money well.
  • I had some Barberton fried chicken (Whitehouse) last week that just wasn’t the best. Then I ordered Talamos again over the weekend. This was my third trip to Talamos. Let’s just say this: I had Talamos’ leftovers yesterday for lunch and it was STILL fantastic.
  • Ok, I feel better now.


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