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Tuesday Rambling 9.12.17 – I Simply Believe the Bible

Good morning. Time to ramble about the best book ever.

  • I simply believe the Bible.
  • I trust its truth, its words as God’s.
  • I believe its life principles work even for those who don’t believe (I heard someone say this once and I agree).
  • I am willing to ask God for help making His ways my ways.
  • I do not believe the Bible’s corrective measures harm me or limit me from finding my desires.
  • Instead, when the Bible restricts my human behavior it intends to bring about greater freedom.
  • I read it to hear from God.
  • By the way, I trust the Bible as God’s overwhelmingly primary way of communicating with me.
  • I trust the Bible’s authenticity as an historical document.
  • So many times when life has felt dark, the Bible has brought life unto my path.
  • So many times when I feel so gloomy, the Bible has reminded me of Jesus’ words about eternal life.
  • When I feel so helpless, I read how God loves me and wants to save me.
  • When the world feels so out of whack, I read of the foundation of God’s justice.
  • On and on I could go.
  • Help. Comfort. Strength. Power. On and on and on.
  • I simply believe the Bible.

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