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Tuesday Rambling 9.1.15 – First Thing in the Morning


Good morning. Straight to the rambling:

  • Think: what is generally the first thing you do in the morning?
  • Of course you will have exceptions, but think of the general pattern.
  • Do you eat? Do you hit the bathroom? Click on the T.V.?
  • In thinking of the morning, I’m brought to the first verse of one of my favorite songs. It goes like this: “The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning.”
  • The morning is new. And when something is new, how do we react?
  • We tell people about what we got. We’re excited about throwing the old one out. Perhaps when something is new we thank the one who gave us the new item.
  • All of this is true in the morning. The new morning is a gift. Perhaps gladness overcomes us that yesterday has gone. Do we thank the giver of the new day?
  • First thing in the morning, we have a choice. We can get sucked into the noise of news, politics, the forecast, or social media drama. And, nothing we do may prevent those things throughout the morning, or the day.
  • But before any of that, we can surely keep a Bible near the bed that we can grab before getting out. We can make sure the first app opened is a Bible app. We can bow in prayer for a few precious moments, trusting God with any anxiety.
  • Nothing proves easy. Especially, establishing even the simplest routine can really challenge.
  • But a new morning dawns. And it will again tomorrow, Lord willing.
  • How can the first thing in the morning honor the giver of the new morning?

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