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Tuesday Rambling 8.9.16 – How To Ruin A Community


Could I unintentionally contribute to the ruin of my community? I hope not, but I think the following things should make anyone think about where they live and how they conduct themselves.

Time to ramble about how to ruin a community.

  • Talk negatively about it without pointing out positive things going on. (Negative will always overshadow positive.)
  • Oppose change overtly or subtly by staying stuck in the “good old days”.
  • Show a general sense of mistrust for anyone new or with new ideas, especially if those you mistrust come from a different generation than you do.
  • Gossip about your neighbors, community organizations, fellow believers in Christ, and/or leadership.
  • Never do anything or attempt to accomplish any goal with those outside your “bubble”.
  • Criticize everything without showing the initiative to get involved. This applies to schools, events, initiatives, sports programs, etc.
  • Avoid the weak, marginalized, powerless, or poor. Do nothing to help improve their condition.
  • Rarely associate with anyone outside of your racial, political, socio-economic, or generational bubble.
  • What would you add to the last? Where else should we exercise caution in doing life together?

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