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Tuesday Rambling 8.5.14 – Before I Die

Before I die. It’s a kind of selfish phrase, like somehow any of us has control over when we die. But, it does put life into perspective. Here are a handful of rambling thoughts about things I’d like to see before I die, assuming the Lord’s return doesn’t happen first:

  • Growth in leading others to Christ and helping them grow.
  • How the NE Ohio area would react if a Cleveland team won a championship in a major sport (sorry, arena football doesn’t count). I’d prefer the Browns as I think it would mean the most to people in the area.
  • The finish line of the Boston Marathon (as I cross it as a participant).
  • Being used by God in another foreign mission field where the gospel is going to largely unreached people.
  • How our children develop (in several areas, their faith being most important).
  • Our 50th wedding anniversary.
  • Completion of another ministry degree of some sort.
  • Starting something from the ground up. (Who knows what, but I think it’s fun and I’d love to be a part of something agin).

This is a partial list, admittedly. But it’s fun to think. What would you put on yours?

May our thinking lead to action!

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