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Tuesday Rambling 8.4.15 – Dual Citizen: God’s Kingdom and U.S. Citizen


In July, our local church did a series addressing the tension between life as a citizen in God’s Kingdom and life under the human authority of a government.

Today, I’ll ramble out a few reflections:

  • God is in charge of all human authority and is surprised by none of it.
  • Rights? Our right as a believer is to take up our cross and daily follow Jesus. (Mike Freeman, guest speaker)
  • Prayer? Judge Todd McKenney shared how he kneels to ask God for wisdom every time he takes the bench.
  • I am glad we have freedom. All freedom should be used for God’s glory.
  • Both Caesar (government) and God scopes of authority in our lives.
  • Do we pray for government leaders, even those we don’t like? If not, why do we disobey what Scripture clearly commands us to do?
  • The entirety of the Christian life is submission. Why would life under government be any different?

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