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Tuesday Rambling 8.27.13

Some thoughts on life and stuff and whatever.  Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus

  • Really people? Now we’re upset about values? The hypocrisy is really difficult to endure.
  • One way to change the value and actually do something (hint hint, through driven action)? Stop supporting people who degrade women and make image so important to younger girls.  Let’s learn to build healthy young women whose identity is not wrapped up in how they look or how they feel they’re perceived.

Free Dinners

  • I have a hard time when people pay for stuff.  In time, I am learning to accept the blessings. I think it’s mostly pride that keeps me from accepting the blessing.
  • Do you have a hard time when God blesses you through someone else doing something simple like paying for lunch?
  • Sometimes when it happens to me I take the money I’d have used for that and try to bless someone else.

New Jersey

  • Are you aware Gov. Chris Christie signed a law in New Jersey making it illegal for anyone with a state issued counseling license to provide help for an individual looking to fight unwanted same sex desires?
  • The governor said he believes people are born gay and that his state should do nothing to impede that.
  • How is this not a stomping of religious freedom? If a Christian has unwanted same sex desires and wants to seek professional (Biblical) counseling, how should they not be free to do so? Grrrr.


  • I had lunch with a friend yesterday I hadn’t seen in 10 years.  We had so many things in common about the way God has been using us in the past 10 years, it was eerie.
  • I do enjoy when things like that happen, seemingly by “chance”.  Isn’t it good that God is sovereign and encourages us when we need it?

How’s that for a Tuesday Rambling that doesn’t look like the norm?  Hope you enjoyed!

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