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Tuesday Rambling 8.23.16 – Totally Random Rambling


Tuesday – No theme today, so time for some totally random rambling. Here we go:

  • How do you process difficult seasons of your life without sounding like a complaining machine?
  • Times of loss present me with the greatest challenges.
  • A random parenting thought: do our kids see us as loving, yet firm authority figures?
  • I think parenting (especially with younger children) is hard work. Providing consistent discipline and standards requires a ton of energy.
  • Bottom line? In most cases our kids should do the things we ask them to do without a ton of resistance. That “norm” can exist in family life; however, it requires consistent hard work (again, especially at younger ages).
  • About life: how varied are your life experiences and relationships?
  • Do you think strong communities require a broad base of relationships across typical dividing lines?
  • Which relational dividing lines prove hardest for you to cross?
  • How will you approach Christmas this year?
  • Thinking through how we’ll spend time and money can set priorities.
  • I suppose any one of these points could (and most likely will) develop into a longer post in the future.
  • I’m excited about my favorite team, the Yankees. No they won’t make the playoffs, even though they keep hanging around.
  • You don’t trade your three best players and expect to stay in the race. Their young talent has added some much needed excitement, however.
  • I am planning to start soon on finishing my book project. Perhaps even in the next week I will set out a road map for what I need to do to complete it by the end of the year.
  • How’s your Tuesday? Be sure to give God praise and glory, thanking Him for all He provides.

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