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Tuesday Rambling 8.20.13

As usual, some randomness – all in one place.  Enjoy!

Time Off

  • My mom (thanks mom!) has had our kids since Sunday afternoon.  We have used the time to get really caught up and organized in our home.
  • We have organized paperwork, and taken steps to reduce clutter and make our home more efficient. This is all well timed, as school starts next week.
  • For us, good routine means more peace in our home.  I’m willing to invest in that!


  • I don’t like to preach about giving, but this coming Sunday will be an opportunity to explore some avenues I haven’t really thought of before regarding giving in the local church.
  • Is your faith something you really believe – or do you find yourself simply trying to copy others and fit in? The challenge is to put in the work to dig deep and figure out what you believe. Then, ask: how much does it really influence my life?


  • We are experiencing (some are perhaps enjoying) a soap opera in professional sports that they will be talking about 10 and 15 years from now. The Alex Rodriguez saga is quite unlike anything I’ve witnessed in sports.  Maybe the Harding-Kerrigan fiasco compares?
  • I am looking forward to the end of baseball season – I hope the stories about the game itself will drown out the noise about the intrigue off the field.


  • I have been listening to someone trying to sell us on a certain kind of plan for retirement.  It’s very interesting, so I’m doing my homework.
  • I have enjoyed not training for anything overly competitive or challenging this summer.  Days off, days on, not much structure.  I’m staying in shape, but giving the body a bit of a break.
  • What steps do you take in your life to get the space you need to make good decisions? Creating that atmosphere is a choice.  Well, come to think of it, creating any atmosphere is a choice!

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