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Tuesday Rambling 8.2.16 – Why I Like the Trade Deadline


Rambling – about baseball’s trade deadline. Stick with this even if you don’t like baseball:

  • Baseball’s trade deadline passed Monday at 4:00 p.m.
  • For those not up on their baseball lingo, it means teams can trade players up to that point in the season. Technically they still can after that, it’s just more complicated.
  • Generally, the trade deadline goes like this: bad teams trade their best players hoping to get better players for the future. Good teams trade some future players to get guys who will make them better the last two months of the season and into the playoffs (cue Jim Mora).
  • Why do I like this? It forces organizations to think about their trajectory.
  • It forces organizations to make sometimes difficult decisions.
  • It injects risk taking into a sport that has tried to eliminate risk by the rise of stats.
  • How many times do we make decisions about our lives and the trajectory of our lives on such a structured timetable?
  • Should we? Of course, submitting our plans to the Lord always proves best.
  • But how could a 3-5 year assessment of your family, position, and possibilities hurt?
  • Don’t get the idea of trading a family member to improve your lot. Hello – not my intention!
  • Instead, do some projecting, see what might need to stay, see what (NOT WHO!) might need to go.
  • Perhaps we need to increase effectiveness in the short term or build a platform to increase effectiveness for the long term?
  • Think. Pray. Analyze. Pray.
  • How might God lead you to decisions to maximize your resources for His glory?

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