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Tuesday Rambling 8.16.16 – How To Express Love


A few thoughts regarding how we can express love in our daily lives:

  • Tell the truth. Do so with love. NOT showing people the truth of God’s Word actually prevents them from knowing how to live the fulness of God’s desires for us.
  • Say encouraging things. Telling people (children, fellow believers, neighbors) positive things about their lives, their identity, or their contributions can speak great blessing into hearts greatly in need of it!
  • Remember: no one has enough encouragement!
  • Ask yourself: how can I serve someone else’s interest? Love seeks not its own interest, but that of others. This works very well in marriage, family, and in local church life as well.
  • Share your faith. If you came upon a burning house and walked by without offering to help the people screaming from the upstairs window, how would they respond? Someone living or dying without Christ may not scream “help” from a window, but you know the direness of the circumstance, right?
  • Pray. God grants the avenue of prayer not only for bettering our relationship with Him, but also for us to express our concern for others. A holy, perfect, God is waiting to hear from us on behalf of others. And if we don’t?
  • Think. What unhealthy thought patterns prevent you from displaying love?
  • Seek understanding. Spending your time re-inforcing your own narrative of how everything must work will prevent you from understanding others’ experiences, hurts, backgrounds, etc.
  • Forgive someone. Really. God shows us love through forgiveness. How about trying it out with someone else?

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