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Tuesday Rambling 8.13.13

Scattered thoughts, loosely organized.  Must be time for Tuesday rambling!


  • My faith has definitely been growing.  I’ve seen God do a lot things in the past couple months.  It’s been both good and tough and it has increased the level at which I rely on Him!
  • I think the American church is weak on spiritual warfare.  I am growing in my awareness of spiritual warfare, and praying that God will help work to break areas of spiritual attack both personally and in ministry.


  • I am hoping to get some specific and fruitful time with our children before the summer is over.
  • We know a lot is going to be changing in our lives as school resumes soon. Different schedules will be a challenge but we are looking forward to it and trying to communicate as well as we can ahead of time.
  • If you had to rate from 1-10 (10 is the most difficult) how difficult it is to keep your home flowing, organized, scheduled, etc., how would you answer? I’d say about seven or eight. It takes effort to keep yourselves on the same page.  And, I believe that effort is worth it!


  • Why do I get discontent when there aren’t cereals in my home that I like? How dumb.  People are starving.
  • It is a season of evaluation right now – many areas of life are under review. This is a good thing and it should be helpful.


  • The end of this baseball season is going to be fantastic.
  • If you like sports, do you ever wrestle with how much time they take in your life? What other hobbies/interests take significant amounts of time?


  • Man cannot worship both God and money.  Meditate on this statement (taken from Jesus’ teaching) and sort through its implications in your life!
  • Are you prepared for any unforeseen financial change or emergency? If not, develop a plan starting TODAY to get prepared.  It’s not if the car will need repaired, something in the house breaks, pay or work situations change, it’s when!

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