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Tuesday Rambling 8.11.15 – Benefits of Praise


It’s Tuesday. Time again to ramble a bit. Today’s topic: the benefits of praise.

  • Praise reminds me I’m not worthy of it.
  • Praise reminds me only God is worthy of praise.
  • Praising God reminds me good things abound.
  • Praise guards against depression.
  • To be clear: I don’t believe praise is a magic pill against mental trouble. However, I do believe praise can keep our thoughts anchored in the truth of God.
  • Even in the most difficult day imaginable, Job declared praise.
  • Praise allows us to see people as God’s creation.
  • Praise reminds me I can’t fix my sin problem. I praise Jesus who died to achieve the forgiveness I never could.
  • Praising the one true God keeps me from worshiping another God!
  • What would you add to this brief list?

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