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Tuesday Rambling 7.4.17 – Do We REALLY proclaim Jesus?

Well, do we?

  • Let me present a short list of things we may proclaim instead of Jesus.
  • First, we can proclaim ourselves.
  • 2 Corinthians 4:5 draws a distinction between proclaiming ourselves and proclaiming Jesus.
  • We proclaim ourselves when we rest in our Twitter likes, Instagram followers, and Facebook activity. When we rest in our profile, friends, things, or status.
  • We can proclaim our church. This can be good, but if we never proclaim Jesus then talking about Jesus proves empty.
  • Our church should never take the place of Christ in our proclamation.
  • We can proclaim our work.
  • Here’s the real challenge. In discussing this verse with a few people during Project Shine last week, (see for more info about this ministry) the harsh reality emerged that without proclaiming Christ all we proclaim is our work, perhaps unintentionally¬†shining the light on ourselves.
  • Serving in any ministry could lead to this temptation. I have heard a LOT about ministries, through conferences, social media, local contacts, etc.
  • Many times we hear about the WAY believers serve rather than WHOM they serve.
  • Challenge: share the Gospel in all your work, whether church or other ministry.
  • Challenge: make sure sharing Christ lays at the foundation of any organization.
  • Challenge: develop strategy to exalt Jesus every step of the way so no confusion lingers.

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