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Tuesday Rambling 7.30.13

It’s Tuesday. Time to ramble!


  • I am super excited for our discipleship focus tonight at Goss!
  • I am waking up more and more with a sense of excitement for how God might use me that day./li>
  • This is the day that The Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!


  • I heard an expression I really liked recently. If there is a small chance of something happening, you could say it would be like winning the Indianapolis 500 in a minivan.
  • Being gone for basically 2 days to Philly to be a part of a short term missions work team was very much worth it.


  • Our vacation trip to the beach was a wonderful week. Good rest, great family time.
  • I really enjoy being a part of helping our kids’ learning process. Helping David learn to ride a boogie board at the beach was a really blessing.


  • I got to visit two churches on vacation – one with the family, one alone. It was great to see the way people do things in their worship expressions. I even got caught up in a business meeting at one church!


  • The baseball trade deadline is tomorrow. It’s an exciting time for the sport.
  • Watched a lot of ESPN on vacation. I really don’t miss it. If you don’t have cable, having it on vacation is definitely nice though!

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