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Tuesday Rambling 7.29.14 – Thoughts On Recent Travel, Internet Christianity

It’s Tuesday – time for a collection of a few thoughts I call rambling. Tuesday rambling. Here we go . . .

Recent Travel

  • Between a four day trip to Philadelphia and back and spending 5 days with my mom, it felt like we were gone for two-three weeks. Do you ever get the feeling that you have been gone longer than you have?
  • Driving. Wow. Driving is simply not what it was even a couple of years ago. Here’s my approach: I assume that EVERYONE is distracted by something while driving. Couldn’t tell you how many people we saw trying to operate a phone while they were driving.
  • It is breathtaking how lightly so many people take operating a large piece of machinery at a high speed. Is life (yours and perhaps someone else’s) really worth that text?
  • Julie and I and our two oldest kids did get the chance to serve alongside three others from our church in Philadelphia. It was a rewarding experience seeing how the children served and interacted in a place totally foreign to them.
  • We really enjoyed the time with Frank and Elizabeth Varaso and the others we met as we served in Philly.

Internet Christianity

  • The internet brings a lot of implications for those living out their faith online.
  • A positive: great amounts of information and content are readily available.
  • Another positive: great opportunity for network comes about because of the internet’s global reach.
  • Another positive: economic opportunities are available for believers committed to healthy online activity.
  • A negative: disagreements often turn really ugly due to poor communication skills.
  • Another negative: judging people is exacerbated because the interaction is limited to words on a screen. People feel a greater freedom to attack because it’s not personal.
  • A thought: if we live out our faith more on the internet than in other places, something is out of place.
  • How much time do you spend pursuing spirituality through blogs and social media? And, how does that compare to time you invest in person to person interaction, say, through a local church?
  • Another thought: do you what can to be a person of peace, including your interactions on the internet.


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