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Tuesday Rambling 7.26.16 – About the Akron Public Schools Decisions


Ramble on? Yes, I think I will:

  • The Akron School Board must make difficult decisions regarding the closing of schools, with funds not available to re-build all previous schools. (For non-Akron area readers, some schools have already closed, some have been rebuilt.)
  • Much hurt and opinion emerge when the topic of closing a school comes up, understandably so.
  • A concern: Does it matter the superintendent believes in Jesus Christ?  Strong attack language against our schools’ leadership blurs believers’ responsibility to stay above reproach with our words, especially when speaking of another brother.
  • Does this insulate the board or the superintendent from criticism from other believers or the public at large? Certainly not, but when outrage trumps prayer, believers add problems to the already difficult situation.
  • Simply, does a willingness to uphold school leadership in prayer color how you speak about and interact with these troubling issues?
  • Another concern: We don’t have all the information about the decisions. Can we admit we just don’t have all the information? Can we admit these many-layered decisions reflect a complex pool of information and considerations larger than our feelings, neighborhood, or perspective?
  • A positive: in some ways the future of the community in which I live hangs in the balance. Losing our local high school and a fourth elementary school (has any other community lost more?) will sting. The positive lies in the fact the community cares! Yes, strong and healthy passion exists for a community often portrayed negatively in the public eye.
  • Another positive: the strong passion for this community has potential to unite and press forward, no matter the outcome. Yes, asking the question “what if” can breed optimism even if the decisions don’t “go our way”.
  • Encouragement: Jesus can and will accept our anxiety. He knows the future. His call and cause for His church will never change, even though circumstances may. Cast your cares (yes, even decisions about public schools with much at stake) on Him!

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