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Tuesday Rambling 7.21.15 – The Morals of Planned Parenthood


Perhaps you’ve heard about the atrocities being committed and perpetuated by Planned Parenthood. Maybe you haven’t. The gist of the story is that Planned Parenthood leadership have been caught on video selling body parts of aborted babies. Stop. Pause. I typed that and you read it and it’s true.

Time to ramble.

  • In our morally confused culture, a great question to ask is: “Is this wrong?”
  • If it is wrong to engage in such behavior, why?
  • If someone agrees it’s wrong, then the deceased baby MUST be something more than fetal tissue.
  • If someone agrees it’s wrong, then a fair question is: “What do you value that makes you think this is wrong?”
  • Someone’s view of right and wrong is always tied to some value, even if few values are present.
  • As for the concept itself, clearly this type of behavior goes beyond “women’s health”.
  • And, by the way, the government funds Planned Parenthood in the name of “women’s health”.
  • If you are morally outraged by this (certainly a fair response), how do you respond?
  • Right and wrong aren’t necessarily clear in today’s culture.
  • Will stories of such depravity finally wake us up?

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