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Tuesday Rambling 7.2.13

A collection of thoughts for Tuesday. Here goes:


  • I am praying for a month of intentional spiritual growth at Goss Memorial!
  • Doing the challenging thing usually makes things clearer in the long run.


  • Had a good day with the kids yesterday.
  • We had quite the swimming outing last week. We were delayed by thunder, had quite a time getting our fire started to cook dinner, met some neat kids, and finally got to swim for about an hour.
  • Looking forward to some down time later this week with the holiday coming.


  • Wimbledon has been crazy this year. I guess the American presence isn’t too strong.
  • I am no Boston fan, but it has been a brutal stretch for Boston sports fans. Their hockey team choked the Stanley Cup away, the basketball team has been dismantled, and the football team wishes Tebow was its only media circus. Ouch!
  • I predict Haslam will not own the Browns by the end of 2014.


  • What is the difference between your opinion about something and how you think people should respond to that opinion?
  • I went to buy lighter fluid last week and it was behind the counter? Since when do you have to ask for lighter fluid?.


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