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Tuesday Rambling 7.18.17 – About The Local Texting-Driving Tragedy

Time to ramble about a heavy topic:

  • A young woman driver took the lives of two teens Memorial Day weekend.
  • She influenced the lives of countless other teens and adults.
  • Now, she faces manslaughter charges as evidence shows texting and driving caused the accident.
  • I believe in justice. If at fault, I believe she would do well to come under the justice system and accept the proper penalties for her behavior.
  • No one should question that part.
  • But I’m troubled…
  • Why do so many people comment about this story as if she is less than human?
  • What if your best friend did this? Would you care then?
  • Do we not think the lifetime of knowing her irresponsible actions cost lives will inflict punishment?
  • Does public compassion even exist?
  • The Bible wouldn’t exclude hope for this woman. The Bible shows how God uses murderers, adulterers, for His purposes and glory!
  • God’s forgiveness is a powerful thing: I hope she experiences it. She has much worth!
  • Further, does this driver’s legal trouble and failure make you feel better, like at least you don’t bear HER kind of guilt?
  • Like somehow her sin is worse?
  • You’ve never picked up your phone while driving? Nothing like this could ever happen to you?
  • You’re beyond looking away and something going wrong in an instant?
  • The first accident I caused happened while I was fiddling with my CD player, trying to play more music in the car.
  • May God judge this driver. May her penalty encompass the gravity of her crime.
  • But may she know she has hope…of salvation and eternal life should she place her faith in Christ!
  • Let me encourage you to live, think, comment, talk, and act in that tension.

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