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Tuesday Rambling 7.16.13

Here is a somewhat organized collection of rambling.  It’s Tuesday!


  • A conversation from Sunday. Lexi: “Daddy, where’s mommy?” Daddy: “She went to pass out flyers saying VBS is cancelled.” Lexi: “I’m not buying it.”
  • VBS week is an exciting week.  Trying not to let the extra lessons and worship at church be a substitute for the family prayer and devotions we normally do.

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

  • If you think I have anything to add on the topic, you’re insane.  I did youth ministry for ten years, so I’m naturally sad that a young man lost his life.


  • I am hoping the Yankees off some bullpen talent for a bat, and preferably someone who can play the infield. July 31 is coming.
  • There’s something about watching the All-Star game that I really enjoy.  Go American League!
  • More failed drug tests in track and field.  It’s hard to watch athletes perform at high levels without wondering if they’re juiced.


  • How amazing is it that the God who created the universe has a plan for our lives? 
  • I heard this the other morning: Even when unbelievers apply principles from God’s Word to their lives they work.  The principles of God’s Word are that strong.  For the record, I’m still chewing on that!


  • One year ago I was in Haiti with a bunch of great people.  I miss the country itself and I pray for the Church in Haiti to continue to thrive in a difficult spiritual climate.

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