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Tuesday Rambling 7.15.14 – Athletes Are NOT Paid Too Much, People Get In My Way!

Well, Lebron is coming back to Cleveland. A couple thoughts on that and a trend I’ve been noticing.

Athletes and Money:

  • Lebron will be paid something like $42 million for two years.
  • I read a stat over the past couple days that Lebron coming back would pump $500 million per year into the local economy compared to him NOT being here.
  • You might argue he’s not paid enough.
  • We’re talking about legal, socially unifying ways our neighbors in NE Ohio are making money (owning businesses, selling merchandise, working games, etc.)
  • On those grounds, I’d argue athletes aren’t paid too much. They bring with them lots of money making opportunities for our neighbors.
  • Yes, believers can be (and often are) conflicted with sports as idols or at the very least time drains, BUT I struggle to imagine what people would do to earn a living if the industry of professional sports was completely removed from society.

My Frustration

  • The past couple days have been FILLED with people basically in my way.
  • Drivers who seemingly have no clue that other people inhabit the planet, kids who love to get in front of you when you’re walking from point A to point B, things not going as I would arrange them – you get the point.
  • I’m not afraid to admit these things frustrate me. But, do you know what they’re about? They’re about control – and my need to develop some more patience for what God wants me to see.
  • It’s a good process to realize how you can become more like Christ by encountering your frustrations. Not fun, but good!
  • What frustrates you? And, are you willing to ask why?


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