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Tuesday Rambling 7.14.15 – Dealing With the Unknown


It’s Tuesday: time to ramble. The topic is known, but today’s rambling deals with the unknown.

  • I am in the midst of a time of unknown.
  • Seasons of life without my normal “routine” bring unknown for me.
  • I don’t necessarily equate unknown with angst.
  • Sometimes, I just prefer known to unknown.
  • How will this season go? Will unforeseen events pop up? How will things go when I’m gone?
  • I’ve gotten better at embracing the unknown over the last few years.
  • The unknown is a different “season” of life. It’s not inherently bad.
  • Seasons of “unknown” remind us of our lack of control.
  • Knowing seasons will come and go proves essential, so why not embrace a different season?
  • If God authors the seasons of our lives, then why not trust him with those seasons?
  • Faith –  what a concept that God has purposes and can teach us during these times!
  • Faith – trusting that the unknown is not unknown to God at all.

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