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Tuesday Rambling 7.12.16 – Six Questions About Race Relations


Six rambling questions regarding race relations.

  1. Does Scripture guide your views?
  2. Have you formed views of recent events without talking to someone who views them differently?
  3. Can you admit the complexity of these events, or have you tried to reduce all of the reactions to a soundbite?
  4. Do you have a willingness to seek understanding, or should everyone seek to understand you?
  5. Will you weep and grieve for people you may disagree with, simply due to the loss of human life?
  6. How do you plan to unify with fellow believers and/or fellow Americans?


  1. Sarah Klingler says:

    Great questions that I will be pondering and reflecting on in my own life. I like how the crux of the questions gets back to me and my own heart, not how someone else is responding or how they might have offended me. A shareable list for sure. As for #6, I say connect with Love Akron. 😊

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