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Tuesday Rambling 7.11.17 – Light from Brokenness

Rambling about brokenness:

  • Most would think when something’s broken, you have a problem.
  • This is true with appliances, cars, etc. Yes?
  • In those cases, you either fix or buy new.
  • Not too many people would encourage you to see the usefulness in your hot water tank as it leaks water all over your basement floor.
  • No, instead the advice would involve finding someone to install a new one.
  • And we’re tempted to view people that way too. You can admit it…
  • But God doesn’t do that. He repeatedly waits until people seem at their weakest before creating the greatest value, productivity, glory, greatness, strength, or whatever you want to call it out of their situation.
  • Paul’s second letter to Corinth illustrates this idea beautifully.
  • In the fourth chapter, we find words like “afflicted, perplexed, pressed, and struck down”. Sounds like time to take that to the junkyard!
  • Not so, in each case God reminds the reader how those NEGATIVE adjectives don’t preclude HIs presence or involvement. Look what it says…
  • Afflicted…but NOT CRUSHED.
  • Perplexed…but NOT DRIVEN TO DESPAIR.
  • Persecuted…BUT NOT FORSAKEN.
  • Struck down…BUT NOT DESTROYED.
  • Verse eleven describes how the death of Jesus is carried around in their bodies so life can shine through. Amazing!
  • In the darkest times, the most broken seasons, light. NOT time to cash in on a warranty or scrap it for something new.
  • Instead, let me encourage you in the darkness, in the brokenness, to KNOW that God can and will shine light from it.
  • How’s THAT for a blessing on a Tuesday morning?

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