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Tuesday Rambling 7.1.14 – If The Church Was Like the World Cup . . .

The World Cup is in full gear. It truly is a sporting phenomenon. Even though soccer (okay, futbol) isn’t my favorite sport, I couldn’t help but draw some connections between this massive global event and the one true Church of Jesus Christ, comprised of all true believers.

Ahead of time I will give the obligatory disclaimer that this is an attempt at some humor, to be sure. But, a few of these should make you think as well.

So, without further ado, here are some bullet point answers to the question: what if the Church was like the World Cup?

  • The Americans would be labeled by many as being behind the game and lacking passion.
  • At the first hint of conflict, some would flop on the ground and cry foul.
  • There would be conflict and lack of understanding among the nations.
  • Some differences, however, would be laid aside for unity’s sake.
  • Many casual observers would look on and say it’s boring.
  • Repentance, salvation, and baptism would be celebrated like goals (but would hopefully happen more often!)
  • Churches would have strategic plans for victory.
  • We’d realize commitment and leadership matter.
  • We’d pray more.
  • We’d realize EVERYONE on the team is needed and not just the star players.

What would you add to the list?



  1. oshgoshbajosh says:

    Jesus would be the goalie because He saves.

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